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PROMYS Europe 2022

PROMYS Europe 2022

Following a highly successful online programme in 2021, we are delighted to be planning for 2022 the 6 week in-person programme based at Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.

Flyer for PROMYS Europe 2022  Click to download the flyer for PROMYS Europe 2022

We are regularly reviewing the Covid-19 situation ahead of PROMYS Europe 2022 and our current intention is to run an in-person residential programme in Oxford. In order to do that, we will carefully assess the risks, using guidance from the UK Government and the University of Oxford as appropriate, and we will put in place all appropriate safety measures. We expect these to include, but not be limited to, policies about vaccination and regular testing. Details will be confirmed nearer the time, since this is such a fast-moving situation. In light of all we have experienced in the last couple of years, we are mindful that there could be circumstances where we find ourselves unable to run an in-person programme, and in this case it would be our intention to move to an online programme instead, building on the success of PROMYS Europe Connect 2021 (which was an online programme). For now, we are planning for an in-person programme, and hope that applicants will be excited by this opportunity and reassured that the safety and wellbeing of all participants is our top priority. Once we have made offers to potential participants, we will be sure to keep them informed of the safety measures we are putting in place, and, if necessary, any possible changes to our plans.

Programme Dates

10 July to 20 August 2022


Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford


In 2021 there were 9 counsellors and 28 students. Numbers in 2022 will be similar

Key Dates 2022

First Year Students

  • Opening date for first-year student applications: 11 January
  • Closing date for first-year student applications: 13 March
  • Notification of application decisions: 25 April, at the latest

Returning Students

  • Opening date for returning student applications: 5 January
  • Closing date for returning student applications: 30 January
  • Notification of application decisions: 11 February, at the latest


  • Opening date for counsellor applications: 5 January
  • Closing date for counsellor applications: 6 February
  • Online interviews for shortlisted candidates: week commencing 28 February
  • Notification of application decisions: 8 March, at the latest