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PROMYS Europe Partners

PROMYS Europe is a partnership between:

Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI)

The Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) is a private charitable foundation dedicated to increasing and disseminating mathematical knowledge. CMI supports the work of leading researchers at various stages of their careers and organizes conferences, workshops, and an annual summer school for mathematicians.  Contemporary breakthroughs are recognized by its annual Research Award. It also set the challenge of solving the Millennium Prize Problems, each with a million dollar prize.

University of Oxford Mathematical Institute

Mathematics is the engine behind Science in the 21st Century. It has both an inherent logic and beauty while also providing the structure and models from which physicists, chemists, biologists, medics, engineers, economists and social scientists build an understanding of our world and construct the tools to improve our lives.

Mathematics in Oxford embraces this power and diversity by combining its pure and applied mathematicians in one department and one building, ensuring collaborations both within and beyond Oxford. We have over 850 undergraduates, more than 350 masters and doctoral postgraduate students, and over 170 faculty, research fellows and postdoctoral researchers studying and working across all fields of mathematics from Number Theory to understanding the mechanics of the human brain. Website

Wadham College, University of Oxford

Wadham is one 35 self-governing undergraduate colleges within the University of Oxford.  The college provides accommodation and tutorial teaching for undergraduates, and a social base for students and faculty.

It was founded in 1610 by Dorothy Wadham and endowed by a bequest from her husband Nicholas, who had died in the previous year  The main buildings date from the foundation and are beautiful examples of Jacobean architecture.

The College has a strong tradition in science and mathematics. It was the original home of the Royal Society (the UK’s national academy), which began as a discussion group led by the College’s Warden, John Wilkins, in the 1650s.  Christopher Wren joined the College as an undergraduate during this period. Currently Roger Penrose is an emeritus fellow; other mathematicians at Wadham include David Conlon, Andrew Hodges, Alexander Ritter, Ursula Martin, and Nick Woodhouse.

Wadham also has a strong outreach programme to promote participation in higher education, of which PROMYS Europe is an important component.


And, of course, PROMYS Europe's parent programme: PROMYS at Boston University