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Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

The regular programme activities are supplemented by lectures by Oxford faculty, research mentors, and guests of the programme.

Guest Lectures at PROMYS Europe and Oxford Masterclasses

Dr Jennifer Balakrishnan, University of Oxford
Rational points on curves - 2016

Dr Ben Barber, University of Bristol
Ultrafilters: formalising "usually" - 2017

Dr Thomas Bloom, University of Bristol
Arithmetic Ramsey Theory - 2016

Professor Martin Bridson, University of Oxford
Symmetries, spaces and decisions - 2019

Professor Kevin Buzzard, Imperial College
The p-adic numbers - 2016

Professor Henry Cohn, Microsoft Research and MIT
Sphere packing - 2014

Dr David Conlon, University of Oxford
Euclidean Ramsey problems - 2015

Dr David Conlon, University of Oxford
Mathematical Magic - 2016

Dr Edith Elkind, University of Oxford
The Gale-Shapley Stable Matching Algorithm - 2017

Professor Alain Goriely, University of Oxford
Understanding the brain via geometry and topology - 2022

Professor Andrew Granville, Université de Montréal & UCL
Infinitely many proofs that there are infinitely many primes - 2018

Professor Ben Green, University of Oxford
Random permutations - 2015

Professor Geoffrey Grimmett, University of Cambridge & HIMR
The unreasonable effectiveness of the square root of -1 - 2022

Dr Heather Harrington, University of Oxford
Computational algebra for studying systems in biology - 2015

Dr Kevin Hughes, University of Bristol
The size of things - 2016

Professor Minhyong Kim, University of Oxford
The wise matchmaker - 2015
Classification of surfaces - 2015

Professor Dan Kráľ, University of Warwick
Sparsity of planar graphs - 2017

Professor Alan Lauder, University of Oxford
An ugly formula - 2017

Professor Jason Lotay, University of Oxford
The heat equation - 2019

Dr James Maynard, University of Oxford
Patterns in the primes - 2015

Dr Owen Patashnick, University of Bristol
Regulators via higher logarithms, and why they are so flat - 2017

Professor Sir Roger Penrose, University of Oxford
Non-repeating tiling - 2014

Professor Konstanze Rietsch, King’s College London
Catalan Numbers and Quivers - 2018

Dr Beth Romano, University of Cambridge
Quaternions and octonions: an algebraic approach to symmetry - 2019

Dr Claudia Scheimbauer, NTNU
Surfaces from polygons - 2019

Dr Claudia Scheimbauer, University of Oxford
Not a knot - 2017

Dr Anna Seigal, University of Oxford,
Polynomials in data analysis - 2019

Professor Caroline Series, University of Warwick
Indra's Pearls: Geometry and Symmentry - 2022

Dr Simon Singh 
Enigma - 2017
BBC Horizon "Fermat's Last Theorem": the making of the documentary - 2022

Filippos Sytilidis, University of Oxford
Introduction to Knot Theory - 2022

Professor Balazs Szendroi, University of Oxford
Reflection patterns in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries - 2017

Professor Sir Andrew Wiles, University of Oxford
Using analysis to solve equations - 2018
Solving equations - 2019, 2017
Ideal class groups of quadratic number fields - 2015
Elliptic Curves - 2016

Dr Julia Wolf, University of Bristol
Addition, multiplication, and why they don’t get along - 2018

Professor Sarah Zerbes, UCL
Elliptic curves and the congruent number problem - 2016

Professor Sir Andrew Wiles with PROMYS Europe participants after his guest lecture 2018
Professor Sir Andrew Wiles with PROMYS Europe participants after his guest lecture 2017
Professor Andrew Granville with participants after his guest lecture 2018
Professor Konni Rietsch talking to participants after her guest lecture entitled "Catalan Numbers and Quivers" 2018
Dr. Simon Singh gives a guest lecture in 2017 on the Enigma machine
Dr. Simon Singh discusses his Enigma model with participants after his guest lecture 2017
Professor Ben Green speaking with participants after his guest lecture on random permutations
Professor Minhyong Kim giving a PROMYS Europe Guest Lecture
Dr. James Maynard talking with students and counsellors after his guest lecture on patterns in the primes
Professor Roger Penrose demonstrates Penrose tilings (photo courtesy of Wadham College)
The CMI-PROMYS Scholars and Oxford Masterclass participants talk with Professor Roger Penrose and Professor Alexander Ritter after Roger’s guest lecture in 2014 (photo courtesy of Wadham College)