Wadham College Quad
Wadham College Front Quad (photo courtesy of Wadham College)

PROMYS Europe is based at Wadham College, which celebrated its four hundredth anniversary in 2010. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for PROMYS Europe participants in the college refectory or served in Wadham’s exquisite Hall. 

Recent participants in PROMYS Europe had the following to say:

 “The food and accommodation was simply perfect, almost pure luxury! The service was outstanding.”

“Very yummy.” 

"We were well catered for in Wadham in every sense of the word. I do not see how this could have been improved." 

“I was simply amazed by what I have seen in Wadham. The staff was extremely nice and helpful, everything was accessible in there (I had pretty much no need to leave the college), including food, which I was impressed by the variety which they were serving. I cannot compare this to anything I have experienced in my life. For me it was just perfect.”

Wadham College Hall
Wadham College Hall (photo courtesy of Wadham College) 

Wadham College Refectory
Wadham College Refectory (photo courtesy of Wadham College)

Some of the students will be housed in single rooms and some in twin sets (two single rooms with a shared living room and bathroom). Twin sets are shared by students of the same gender. Students in single rooms share a bathroom with a small number of other students. Wherever possible, counsellors are housed close to their assigned students. All rooms have a wash basin. Bed linen, towels, and pillows are provided. There is free wireless Internet, tea, and coffee in the rooms. There are laundry facilities in college which participants may use. 

Most of the lectures take place in the Andrew Wiles Building, which is the home of the Oxford Mathematics Department and is about 10-15 minutres walk from Wadham. A common room is provided at Wadham where students can work together when they are not in the department. Participants have access to a gym and other facilities.

Single room at Wadham College
A single room at Wadham College (photo courtesy of Wadham College)

Wadham College bathroom
A bathroom at Wadham College (photo courtesy of Wadham College)

There is a telephone in each room which forms part of the University Telecommunications network. It is possible to receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world or to purchase a “phone card” from the Wadham Lodge to make external calls. PROMYS Europe participants may receive mail and telephone messages via the Wadham College Lodge. If the message is urgent, the Duty Porter will attempt to deliver the message by telephone or in person. 

Wadham College Address

                                     Wadham College,
                                     Oxford University,
                                     Parks Road,
                                     Oxford OX1 3PN

Wadham College Telephone: 01865 277900 from within the UK;  +44 1865 277900 from outside the UK (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Map of Wadham College

Wadham Gardens
Wadham College Gardens (photo courtesy of Wadham College)