Cost and Financial Aid


The programme is dedicated to the principle that no one should be unable to attend for financial reasons.  Normally participants are expected to contribute to the costs by paying a fee for six weeks of tuition, board and lodging, but full or partial financial assistance is available for those who would otherwise be unable to attend.  This can cover travel costs as well as the fee.

The 2020 fee for students is £1500.

The fee represents less than 20% of the actual cost to the programme for each participant.  The balance is met by the partner organisations and by donations from supporters.  Applications for financial assistance are considered independently of admission decisions and only after the admissions decisions have been taken. 

Funding:  Funding and other resources are provided by the partnership. PROMYS Europe is also very grateful for further financial support from alumni of the University of Oxford and Wadham College.

Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical ResearchTwo participants may be sponsored by the
Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.


Financial aid: Candidates who have been offered a place may apply for financial aid. Because admissions decisions are needs blind, you may not submit an application for financial aid before you have been notified of the outcome of your application for a place.

Successful applicants will need to ask one of their parents, or some other adult who is in a position to make a declaration about family income, to complete the financial aid form that will be sent with the offer of a place. You will only have a few days to submit the form after offers of places have been made, so you may wish to gather the necessary information in advance (see specimen form).

If you or your parents or guardians have any questions about financial aid, please contact us.