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Covid-19 Update

PROMYS Europe 2021

We are delighted to announce that PROMYS Europe 2021 will take place.

In view of continuing restrictions and uncertainty around Covid-19, we are designing PROMYS Europe 2021 as an online programme that captures as many of the key elements of the usual PROMYS Europe experience as possible.  The programme will begin in mid-July 2021. Further details and exact dates will follow. 

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Application Process:

PROMYS Europe is a programme for pre-university students who will be at least 16 years old by the start of the programme. Applicants may be in any year of secondary school or sixth form college including their final year. Students attending state-funded schools, independent or private schools, home schools, and other types of schools are all eligible to apply. PROMYS Europe is open to students ordinarily resident in Europe; this includes all countries adjacent to the Mediterranean.

Lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English. Applicants should possess English language skills which are strong enough to enable full participation. It is the responsibility of students to check, and to comply with, any visa regulations which may apply to them.

The application process, which usually opens in January each year, includes a challenging problem set, a teacher recommendation form, and an application form which includes short essay questions about interest in attending PROMYS Europe.

PROMYS Europe seeks to attract applicants of the hightest ability and potential, regardless of background. Decisions on the admission of students will be based solely on individual merit, assessed by the application components outlined above.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are eligible for PROMYS Europe may apply either to PROMYS Europe or to PROMYS at Boston University. They may not apply to both for the same summer.

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Returning students:

Pre-university students who attended PROMYS Europe in one year and who wish to return in a subsequent year follow a different application process; they are required to complete a brief application form. Applications normally open in January each year.



If you wish to make us aware of a disability for which you may need support, then you may do so by writing to either when you submit your application or when you receive an offer. Successful applicants with a disability will be given the opportunity to discuss their needs, and we will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of disabled participants and applicants.